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Norway Rat

Norway rats, the species most commonly used as pets, originated in China but quickly spread throughout the world. They can now be found on every continent, and have found success living alongside humans. Rats are very intelligent and curious animals. Although they are often thought of as a pest… Learn More


Does the harvest for wildlife trade or captive breeding of this species harm wild populations?

Little Cause for Concern

  • Wild populations stable
  • Breed easily in captivity

Invasive Threat

Does the release or escape of this species into the wild harm the environment and/or economy?

Some Cause for Concern

  • Live in a variety of climates around the world
  • Considered a pest in most places

Ease of Care

Does harvest, captive breeding, transport, or being kept as a pet harm individual animals?

Little Cause for Concern

  • Need time out of cage daily
  • Highly intelligent and need handling and enrichment

Health Risks

Does this animal pose a health risk to native wildlife, humans, livestock and agriculture?

Some Cause for Concern


  • Salmonella
  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis
  • Rat bite fever


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