The People Behind EcoHealthy Pets

EcoHealthy Pets evaluates each pet species using the best available science compiled by the research analysts following the methodology described above. The information compiled for each pet species is summarized in a Pet Report and used to assign each criterion a ranking of little concern, some concern or significant concern.

The criterion rankings in the Pet Reports are then used to arrive at an overall ranking for each pet species. Pet reports are written and reviewed by scientific experts at the Master’s or PhD. level who have had significant training or experience in fields relevant to EcoHealthy Pets (i.e. conservation biology, disease ecology, invasive species biology, veterinary medicine, etc.).

Pet reports are intended for a general audience and include general species information as well as recommendations relevant to each criterion.


EcoHealth Alliance works at the intersection of ecosystem, animal and human health through local conservation programs and develops global health solutions to emerging diseases.
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