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  • Bearded Dragon

    Pogona vitticeps

    Bearded dragons are native to central Australia and are very popular as pets. The name “bearded” refers to a large throat pouch…

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  • Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish

    Betta splendens

    Bettas, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are small (up to 3 inches long) rather plain-colored fish native to the Mekong…

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  • Cockatiel

    Nymphicus hollandicus

    Cockatiels are small parrots native to the Australian outback. In the wild they travel in pairs or small flocks and nest in tree…

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  • Common House Gecko

    Hemidactylus frenatus

    The common house gecko is native to much of southern Asia and has established breeding populations in eastern Africa, New…

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  • Guinea pig

    Cavia porcellus

    Guinea pigs are a domesticated version of an extinct species from South America. They are a rodent that is usually around 8…

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  • Hamsters


    There are 18 species of hamster spanning 7 genera. Hamsters can be found in Europe, the Middle East, and much of Asia.…

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  • Island/Common Canary

    Serinus canaria

    The island canary (or Atlantic canary), is a small songbird native to Portugal, Spain, and the Canary Islands (for which the…

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  • Neon Tetra

    Paracheirodon innesi

    Neon tetras are tiny, brightly colored, tropical fish native to South America. Wild fish are found primarily in blackwater…

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  • Rabbit

    Oryctolagus cuniculus

    The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes 48 rabbit breeds, ranging from the two pound Netherland Dwarf, to the 12…

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  • African Pygmy Hedgehog

    Atelerix albiventris

    African pygmy hedgehogs, also called four-toed hedgehogs, are common natives of many African countries. These small mammals are…

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  • Agouti

    Dasyprocta spp.

    Agoutis are native to southern Mexico, the West Indies, and parts of Central and South America. They are found in a wide range…

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  • Asian Grass Lizard, or Six-striped Long Tailed Lizard

    Takydromus sexlineatus

    The Asian grass lizard is an arboreal, diurnal species native to Southeast Asia, including India, China, Thailand, Laos,…

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  • Ball Python or Royal Python

    Python regius

    The ball python is a medium-sized snake native to grasslands and farmlands of western and central Africa. Like other pythons, it…

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  • Blue-capped Cordon Bleu

    Uraeginthus cyanocephalus

    The blue-capped cordon bleu is a small finch native to East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, and Tanzania). They are…

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  • Chinchilla

    Chinchilla lanigera

    Chinchillas are small, nocturnal rodents that are native to the high Andes Mountains of South America (Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and…

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  • Chinese Soft-Shelled Turtle

    Pelodiscus sinensis

    Chinese soft-shelled turtles are native to China, Taiwan, Korea, Manchuria, North Vietnam, and Japan. Introduced populations…

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  • Common or Green Iguana

    Iguana iguana

    Out of eleven species in the family Iguanidae, the green iguana (Iguana iguana) is the most common iguana in the pet trade.…

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  • Dwarf African Clawed Frog

    Hymenochirus curtipe

    Dwarf African Clawed Frogs are native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The species' natural habitats include…

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  • Ferret

    Mustela putorius furo

    Domestic ferrets are descendants of the European polecat, but are no longer found in the wild. They are fairly common as pets…

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  • Goldfinch

    Carduelis carduelis

    Goldfinches are small songbirds that naturally occur in Europe, North Africa, and western and central Asia. They are found in…

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  • Goldfish

    Carassius auratus

    The goldfish is a domesticated freshwater fish descended from a carp native to eastern Asia. Long valued for their color and…

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  • Guppy

    Poecilia reticulata

    The Guppy, also known as the “millionfish,” is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish in the world. It is native to…

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  • Horned (Pac-Man) Frog

    Ceratophrys ornata

    Horned frogs are native to the damp and humid forests of South America, mainly in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. The species can…

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  • Koi or Common Carp

    Cyprinus carpio

    Common carp are large, greenish-brown freshwater fish native to Asia and eastern Europe. They are the first known domesticated…

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  • Long-tailed Finch

    Poephila acuticauda

    The long-tailed finch is a small songbird that is native to the dry grasslands of northern Australia. They feature a striking…

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