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  • Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish

    Betta splendens

    Bettas, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are small (up to 3 inches long) rather plain-colored fish native to the Mekong…

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  • Neon Tetra

    Paracheirodon innesi

    Neon tetras are tiny, brightly colored, tropical fish native to South America. Wild fish are found primarily in blackwater…

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  • Goldfish

    Carassius auratus

    The goldfish is a domesticated freshwater fish descended from a carp native to eastern Asia. Long valued for their color and…

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  • Guppy

    Poecilia reticulata

    The Guppy, also known as the “millionfish,” is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish in the world. It is native to…

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  • Koi or Common Carp

    Cyprinus carpio

    Common carp are large, greenish-brown freshwater fish native to Asia and eastern Europe. They are the first known domesticated…

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  • European/American Eel

    Anguilla spp.

    The European eel and the American eel are members of the true eel family that comprises 15 species worldwide. All of these eels…

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  • Lionfish

    Pterois volitans, Pterois miles

    Lionfish are ornamental reef fish native to the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Reaching 12–15 inches in length, they feature long,…

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