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  • 06/2/14 - Hedgehogs finding homes as pets in US

    They are tiny animals with cute faces. They are covered in quills. They roll into prickly balls when they are scared. The ideal pet? Hedgehogs are steadily growing in popularity across the United States, despite laws in at least six states banning…

  • 04/29/14 - NYC a Major Hub for Illegal Ivory Trade

    The hub of America’s illegal ivory trade -- a business that kills about 35,000 African elephants a year – is right here in New York, wildlife experts say. Poachers in Africa are smuggling the precious material, harvested from the tusks and teeth…

  • 04/10/14 - New Smartphone App to Report Illegal Wildlife Trade in Southeast Asia

    The ‘Wildlife Witness’ app enables users to report suspected illegal wildlife in trade in the region easily and quickly by taking a photo, pinning the exact location of an incident and sending these important details to TRAFFIC. Reports by app users…

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